Attitude Coach


A six-month programme to help you develop the attitudes and behaviours that will enable you to embrace and enjoy success and step up with confidence


Even though you’ve had some success in your career and your capabilities are recognised by others, do you sometimes:

  • Doubt whether you fully deserve your success?
  • Feel unfulfilled in your career and want to achieve more but are not sure how to move forward?
  • Struggle with the Imposter Syndrome and put excess pressure on yourself to perform and/or find yourself holding back for fear of being found out as a fraud/failure?
  • Tend to over prepare, over work and over deliver but are not always satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Feel overwhelmed with your workload but are unable to say ‘no’ to taking on more
  • Find it difficult to ask for help and speak up about what you need and want?
  • Struggle to put across your points of view and get buy-in to your ideas?


You recognise that now is the time and you are ready to make some changes so that you can move forward in your career, achieve your aspirations and realise your full potential.


Practical advice, tools and support to help you to develop the attitudes and behaviours that lead to success and that will enable you to embrace and enjoy success, whatever that means to you.

What’s included:


Six training modules focusing on the following themes:

  • Self belief – how to develop inner confidence so you can make the most of opportunities and respond proactively to challenges.
  • Purpose – how to harness the power of purpose so you can get clarity on where you want to go and find the motivation to get you there.
  • Relationships – how to engage, influence and get support from others so you can achieve your career ambitions.

You will receive a training module on the first Tuesday of each month so that you have plenty of time to work through the material and practise the various tools and techniques.

The training modules will be held in a Members’ Area on the Attitude Coach website so that you can access them when it is most convenient for you – and revisit them whenever you wish.

Worksheets will be supplied with each training module to help you get the most from each training module.


One live online Q&A/Accountability session with Caroline every four weeks for support, advice and encouragement. Bring your questions about the training modules or anything else you need help with to keep you moving forward towards your goals and developing your Attitudes for Success.

These calls are held on Zoom on a Tuesday evening from 7.00-9.00pm (UK time) two weeks after each Training Module has been released.

Zoom is a very easy-to-use video conferencing platform that enables you to participate in these sessions from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you happen to be in the world.

These calls will be recorded and made available in the Members’ Area so, even if you are unable to attend, you can still access them – and you can revisit them whenever you wish.

The programme also includes a private WhatsApp group where you can go for support, connection and to enhance your learnings.

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Here’s what others have said about working with Caroline:

“The Attitudes for Success programme provided an excellent structure to help me focus on my personal development. Like many senior professionals, I wanted to trigger a change in my career, knew I had untapped potential but struggled to make the first move. Investing in the programme provided the impetus I needed. Very simple but effective tools helped me to work through a mindset that was holding me back and adopt a more purposeful approach. I have now changed role, feel more energised and look forward to the opportunities this will bring.”

Senior Leader, Energy & Resources

“I found myself in a mindset of not knowing what I wanted from my life – both personally and professionally – and aware of feeling in a state of flux and dissatisfied. I was treading water and wasn’t able to bring enough enthusiasm into my work or at home which left me feeling discombobulated – my new favourite word at that time! Caroline’s programme helped me to reset, to really think about what I wanted and how to go about getting there. Importantly, understanding that “there” could and most likely would change over the course of the programme, and afterward, and to allow things to unfold. As a result, I feel much calmer and clearer and have developed a more positive and open outlook. I have also learned to respect myself more and realise I have a lot to offer – also, to give myself the encouragement and support to keep moving . The course reinforced the importance of having people around me who would support my goals and give me valuable feedback. It’s a work in progress but I now feel lighter, my head less cluttered and ready to explore and create situations to allow opportunities to come my way.”

Head of Retail Management, JLL

“This year has been one of huge changes, as I prepare to move continents. There are many logistical challenges and I needed to be in the right frame of mind to embrace this change. Before I joined the Attitudes for Success programme, I was completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of this life change and was virtually paralysed with indecision and anxiety. As a result, I was making no progress with my plans and my job, family life and health were suffering, too. Caroline’s programme – which focuses on the deceptively simple themes of self-belief, purpose and relationships – helped me refocus on what was really important. The training helped me to identify why I react in the way I do and gave me practical tools and techniques to reset my state of mind and tap into my resilience and creativity. The results have been amazing! I’m now able to fully engage with opportunities, form new strategic relationships, ask for help and collaborate meaningfully. The programme has been immensely empowering.”

Senior Business Manager, HSBC

“I did the Attitudes for Success course as I wanted to invest in myself and develop my career and soft skills in a range of areas. I loved the programme that Caroline has developed and felt it was a good investment for what I needed. I’ve come away with renewed energy and confidence in myself, and a toolkit of resources which I can use in both professional and personal situations. I’ve already put many techniques and approaches learnt on the course into practice. And, no doubt, I will continue to do so.”

Chief Officer, Third Sector Organisation

“Your Attitudes for Success programme brought me the success in my career that I’d been wanting.  More importantly, it has brought more joy and pleasure to my workplace just by learning how to stay calm before, after and throughout every event – whether in a meeting, on a conference call, putting together a report or dealing with correspondence. I genuinely feel more confident and empowered, in all more ‘present’ to my work place and life generally. I thank you for that and am truly grateful for all the modules of coursework you have prepared and taught us during 2019. Whilst it had been a difficult year personally, it was a successful year career-wise. Thanks to your interactive coursework and guidance, I achieved one of my targets and got promoted, yay!

Associate Director, JLL

”I know myself better than before, which is hugely empowering. I now understand why I react to events the way I do, and have the tools to adjust my mindset and respond in a positive and engaged way.”

Manager, International Consultancy

“My performance has definitely benefitted as a result of working with Caroline, as have my team relationships. I managed to turn around team performance on a difficult target, alongside moving house and running a marathon, and have recently been promoted to a much more senior role. I feel on top form!”

Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“This work has had a dramatic impact on the productivity of our business – women who used to hold back are now stepping up and taking charge so I’m freed up to focus on other business priorities.”

Managing Director, Accountancy Firm

“I would highly recommend Caroline’s approach to anyone wanting to help people – especially women – in their organisation to fulfil their potential.”

Communications Director, Siemens

“The work I did with Caroline helped me understand what it was that I feared and helped me tackle the self-doubts and stresses which I’d been heaping upon myself.”

Head of Marketing, Conference Company

“Working with Caroline just before Christmas was excellent and gave me a huge boost. The process enabled me to put the past behind me and head into the new year with the feeling of a fresh start.”

Design, Strategy & Innovation Consultant

“By changing my frame of reference, I have been able to focus on what’s right for me in that moment and move away from unnecessary long hours and stress and reclaim the joy of my work.”

Manager, Boutique Industry Consultancy

“Very early on in my work with Caroline, I had a massive lightbulb moment. Everything suddenly made sense and I was fully able to start my journey to reclaim ‘me’. I use the lessons and techniques daily – not just on myself but also to assist others. It has been truly life changing, thank you.”

Operations Manager, JLL


You will receive your first Training Module on the first Tuesday of the month following your Kick-Off Coaching session. The live Q&A/Accountability Sessions with Caroline take place from 7.00-9.00pm on the third Tuesday of each month (apart from August and December). If you are unable to make any of these calls, you will find a recording of the sessions in the Members’ Area so you can catch up in your own time. You can also email Caroline with any questions you may have and she will answer them on the call.

Schedule a FREE no obligation call with Caroline to explore whether this programme is right for you


Six-month programme membership: the full price is £2,000 + VAT
A deposit of £500 + VAT will secure your place on the programme. The balance is due at the time you start the programme. There is also a payment plan option available to make it easier for you to participate in this programme.


A one-to-one Kick-Off coaching session with Caroline worth £550 + VAT at the start of the programme to help you get clarity about your way forward, to start clearing away any obstacles to your success and to build your motivation to embrace success.

AND you are also entitled to a 1-2-1 Coaching Session with Caroline worth £550 + VAT, should you want some additional support during the programme.


We want you to be absolutely delighted with the value you get from this programme. So, if – after starting the programme – you decide it’s not for you, we will refund your investment in full. No questions asked. All you need to do is let us know within seven days of completing Training Module One and attending the first Q&A/Accountability Call.

Schedule a FREE no obligation call with Caroline to explore whether this programme is right for you