Find Out More Session

Join Caroline Holt, Attitude Coach and the UK’s go-to expert on the Imposter Syndrome, on Tuesday 8th December, from 16.30 to 17.30 (UK GMT) to find out more about her Attitudes for Success programme.

This programme is designed to help you develop the attitudes and behaviours that will enable you to embrace and enjoy success and step up with confidence.


As a professional, you often struggle to see the value that you bring and fear being found out as a fraud - even though your skills and talents are frequently recognised by others.

Maybe you also:

  • Doubt whether you fully deserve your success?
  • Feel unfulfilled in your career and want to achieve more but are not sure how to move forward?
  • Struggle with the Imposter Syndrome and put excess pressure on yourself to perform and/or find yourself holding back for fear of being found out as a fraud/failure?
  • Tend to over prepare, over work and over deliver but are not always satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Feel overwhelmed with your workload but are unable to say ‘no’ to taking on more
  • Find it difficult to ask for help and speak up about what you need and want?
  • Struggle to put across your points of view and get buy-in to your ideas?

On thing is certain, though. You recognise that now is the time and you are ready to make some changes so that you can move forward in your career, achieve your aspirations and realise your full potential - in ways that work for you.


Caroline Holt is the UK’s no.1 expert in helping professional women to step free of the Imposter Syndrome so they can embrace and enjoy success, whatever that means for them.

She had a successful twenty year career in communications, became Managing Partner of the European division of an international innovation consultancy, and went on to co-found Happen, a leading global innovation agency recently acquired by Accenture.

However, the greater her success, the more she was accompanied by the nagging doubt that she didn’t deserve it and would be found out as a fraud. Like many senior women, this resulted in her putting excessive pressure on herself to perform - which, eventually, led to burn-out and the decision that it was time for her to find a different way of doing success.

She took a year out to reinvent herself and is now the go-to person for women who want to transform the attitudes and behaviours that are limiting them so they can fully own and enjoy their success.