How to thrive rather than just survive in a crisis

If you're feeling anxious, fearful or just, generally, worried about what is going on at the moment, please join me this Thursday 9th April for a session on ‘How to thrive rather than just survive in a crisis’.

It’ll be a live interactive session for 75 minutes on Zoom and you can join me at either 9.45 or 16.45 UK time (BST), whichever suits you best.

I won’t be recording it, as I want to create a safe space for you to connect and just be - so make sure to pop it in your diary and come along. There’s no charge on this occasion so it’s a FREE session where you can get some support in these challenging times.

What I'll do in this session is help you to:

  • find some calm amidst the madness,
  • get past your worries and fears, and
  • set a course for yourself that will enable you to stay strong and steady - irrespective of what is going on in the wider world.

You'll leave feeling more settled in yourself and more sure about your way forward. Plus, you'll have some practical ways to address your concerns and deal with whatever challenges come your way going forward.


Here’s what others who’ve attended the session have had to say about it:

"I have used your model to address my concerns about my retail manager husband heading off to work every day. I obviously fear for his health and mental wellbeing in a very stressful situation supporting staff and customers at a really difficult time - and, at a time, when not everyone is understanding re the lack of toilet roll! Your model helped me move away from the things I can’t control and try to focus on what I can do. I can choose to be a supportive ear, I can choose to make sure he comes home to a clean house and healthy meal, and I can choose to hose him down at the backdoor!!”

“Caroline’s session provided a useful space to really think about our current situation, identify personal barriers and limitations - and it offered practical tips to help move our thinking, action and feelings to a more positive space. It was run in a very supportive way, with the opportunity to talk privately in smaller groups.”

“Just want to thank Caroline Holt and fellow participants for a truly excellent session this morning. Going back to my work refreshed and energised! Thank you.”

“Thank you so much to Caroline for a really lovely session this morning. Great to breathe, connect, share and also be guided through a process to help identify my purpose in these very strange times.”

“It was so useful, Caroline - thank you. What’s great is that I can return to the process you talked us through in a week or two, as well, to keep revising and focussing my purpose.”

“I found the session enormously helpful - the opportunity to pause, breathe and reframe thoughts and feelings in this strange time. The opportunity to share with other people on the call reinforced the point that we are all in this together.”

“It was really helpful for everyone to discuss and connect and realise we’re all having similar struggles. I think this session could be a really good regular support. And, I really liked the way you shared your own doubts and feelings and then described what you did to overcome them so we can all learn how to rally!”



Caroline Holt is the UK’s no.1 expert in helping professionals - especially women - to step free of the Imposter Syndrome so they can embrace and enjoy success, whatever that means for them.

She had a successful twenty year career in communications, became Managing Partner of the European division of an international innovation consultancy, and went on to co-found Happen, a leading global innovation agency recently acquired by Accenture.

However, the greater her success, the more she was accompanied by the nagging doubt that she didn’t deserve it and would be found out as a fraud. Like many senior women, this resulted in her putting excessive pressure on herself to perform - which, eventually, led to burn-out and the decision that it was time for her to find a different way of doing success.

She took a year out to reinvent herself and is now the go-to person for people who want to transform the attitudes and behaviours that are limiting them so they can fully own and enjoy their success.

Caroline Holt - Attitude Coach