An interactive session in partnership with Women in Horticulture UK to investigate the Imposter Syndrome

Tuesday 20th June, 11.00am - 12.30pm BST

Even though you’ve achieved some success in your career, do you sometimes feel like an imposter?

The Imposter Syndrome is now recognised as a commonplace work experience - especially for career women. It has them attributing their success to luck, discounting their capabilities and fearing being exposed as a fraud. They constantly strive for better results and are generally high achievers as a result - although are very unlikely to recognise this.

However, this over-achieving can lead to burn-out from an overly driven need to succeed.

Or, fear of failure and being found out as a fraud can stop them from stepping up to opportunities that will help them develop their skills, gain experience and progress their careers.

Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook and author of ‘Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead’) says that, to lean in fully, women need to get comfortable with their success. When women fully own and appreciate their value, they can, then, denounce the demands and accusations of their internal ‘imposter gremlin’ and embrace and enjoy success.  


Join Caroline Holt (the UK's no.1 expert in helping professional women to step free of the Imposter Syndrome) on Tuesday 20th June, from 11.00am - 12.30pm BST for an interactive webinar exploring what the Imposter Syndrome really is and how to shift the attitudes that underpin it. 



During this interactive session, we will investigate the Imposter Syndrome - what it is, how it can impact performance and how to shift the attitudes that underpin it.

Through a questionnaire and individual and group reflection, you will have the opportunity to explore the impact of the Imposter Syndrome, at a personal level and more widely.

Coach and trainer, Caroline Holt, will share a simple-to-use and very effective technique for recognising and appreciating your own capabilities and helping others to do the same. You will have the opportunity to practise this during the webinar.

Here's what you'll take away from the session: 

  • A greater recognition and appreciation of the value that you bring to a project or organisation.
  • Increased motivation to reach for more.
  • A powerful technique for building core confidence and inspiring yourself and others to step up to bigger challenges.


Caroline Holt is the UK’s no.1 expert in helping professionals - especially women - to step free of the Imposter Syndrome so they can embrace their success and reach higher. 

She had a successful twenty year career in communications, became a Managing Partner for an international innovation consultancy, and went on to co-found Happen, a leading global innovation agency. 

However, the greater her success, the more she was accompanied by the nagging doubt that she didn’t deserve it and would be found out as a fraud. Like many senior women, this resulted in her putting excessive pressure on herself to perform. 

She ultimately took a year out to reinvent herself and find different ways of doing success. As a result, Caroline is now the go-to expert for women who want to transform the attitudes that are limiting them so they can fully own and enjoy their success.

Caroline organises one-to-one coaching and group programmes to enable women to realise their professional ambitions and to do so in alignment with their personal priorities. Clients from companies such as Siemens, Microsoft, HSBC, JLL and EY have reached higher as a result of working with her and her team - and, more importantly, are now enjoying success in ways that work for them.

Caroline is also a highly-sought after speaker whose warmth and wisdom inspires people to lean in and step up.