Building a future based on purpose and passion

NS was considering where next in his career

“I hadn’t ever considered coaching; nor was I aware how I would benefit from it.   I was competent and confident and had been working successfully in a variety of Finance roles for a number of years.  However – as a result of some leadership training led by Caroline and her team to improve the quality of our decision-making discussions and effectiveness as a leadership team – I became alive to the inauthenticity in my drive and engagement and chose to take some coaching.

My initial goal was to understand my strengths, my weaknesses and my USP so I could shape the next stage of my career.  But, what it lead to was a greater understanding of my myself, with better clarity of what drove me and a deeper awareness of what I actually valued and wanted from life.  This was much more valuable.  I started exploring my purpose and my passions and it didn’t take long to realise that it had been my competencies and not my preferences that had been steering my career.

It’s still early days but I now have an effective way of evaluating choices. I’m driving forward according to my own personal preferences and purpose; always taking the path that moves me towards the things I value and never simply going with the flow or opting to simply steer away from the things I don’t like.

I’m now living deliberately every day in every decision. I feel more empowered; I feel more alive!”

NS, Business Change Manager, Siemens