Ever feel like an imposter?

Despite making good progress in your career and others recognising your talents and capabilities, are there still moments when you doubt yourself, question whether you’re good enough or even feel like a fraud?

Have you achieved a lot but still feel dissatisfied?

Do you accuse yourself of not doing or being enough, no matter how hard or long you work?

Very often, attitudinal issues such as the Imposter Syndrome block talented women like you from fully enjoying and embracing their success. They attribute their achievements to luck, discount their capabilities and fear being exposed as frauds. This can lead to burn-out from an overly driven need to succeed, or not reaching for senior positions for fear of being found out.

Women recognised by others as having high potential are often heard to say such things as: “I’m not sure I’m ready for promotion”, “I won’t be able to handle the pressure at the next level up”, “I will have to make too many sacrifices in my life outside work, if I take a more senior role”.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Attitude – the invisible force

We work with the invisible force that drives behaviour more than any other factor – attitude. Made up of our values, beliefs, judgements, purposes, fears, assumptions, our attitudes dictate how we behave, what results we get and how successful we will be.

We use a powerful and unique methodology that consists of simple, practical, transferable tools to uproot the attitudes that undermine aspirations, and unleash the attitudes that underpin them. Through our coaching and training programmes, we can help you to step free of the attitudes that are holding you back and develop the attitudes that will enable you to enjoy your current success and be willing to embrace more.

Want to unlock more of the potential of your female talent?

Want to unlock more of the potential of your female talent?

Free Clarity Call

If you’d like to have a FREE Clarity Call with me to explore your particular situation, please get in touch to book a time slot. There’s no charge for this 45-minute call and absolutely no obligation to go any further with me after the call, unless you want to.  However, others who’ve had Clarity Calls have said it has helped them to get clear about what future they want for themselves and how to start achieving that.