Want to unlock more of the potential of your female talent?

Are you a business leader who recognises the value women bring?

Do you have talented hard-working and competent women within your business who are doing great work but are not getting as far as you would like?

Despite your best efforts, are you frustrated by how best to unlock that potential and leverage the full benefits of gender diversity?

You may have introduced structural changes to facilitate leadership opportunities for women. However, your experience is very likely that women’s progress into senior leadership positions remains slow. The leadership pipeline is somehow blocked.

Hidden barriers block potential

This is because hidden barriers remain; barriers that are fundamentally attitudinal.

Very often, attitudinal issues such as the Imposter Syndrome block talented women from fully enjoying and embracing their success. They attribute their achievements to luck, discount their capabilities and fear being exposed as frauds. This can lead to burn-out from an overly driven need to succeed, or not reaching for senior positions for fear of being found out. Women leaders recognised by others as having high potential are often heard to say such things as: “I’m not sure I’m ready for promotion”, “I won’t be able to handle the pressure at the next level up”, “I will have to make too many sacrifices in my life outside work, if I take a more senior role”.

And, even when women have a rock solid belief in themselves, when they are the minority, they can feel isolated and unsupported as they climb higher in businesses where men pre-dominate and bias against them prevails. This can lead them to question whether the struggle to succeed is worth the rewards. For many, the answer is ‘no’, the ‘Glass Ceiling’ becomes a ‘Glass Cliff’ and they leave.

Unleash the attitudes that underpin aspiration

It doesn’t need to be be this way. We work with the invisible force that drives behaviour more than any other factor – men and women’s attitudes. Their attitudes – their values, beliefs, judgements, purposes, fears, assumptions – dictate how they behave, what results they get and how successful they will be. By uprooting the attitudes that undermine aspirations, and unleashing the attitudes that underpin them, we can help you to unlock the potential of the women within your business and transform your culture to one where men and women recognise and appreciate each other’s differences, work effectively in partnership together and bring out the best in each other.

Our powerful and unique methodology consists of simple, practical, transferable tools for transforming attitudes, behaviour and results so that you can make the most of your female talent and your business and all the individuals within it can flourish.

Ever feel like an imposter?

Ever feel like an imposter?

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