Embracing and enjoying greater success

CR had achieved great success in her career but self-doubt and stress were taking their toll.

“The work I did with my Attitude Coach helped me understand what it was that I feared and gave me the tools to help me tackle self doubts and stresses which I was heaping upon myself.  Alongside this, it was reassuring to learn that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way and that there were plenty of professional women, like myself, who could achieve, make change and excel with the right self awareness and techniques in place.

Ultimately success for me was:

  • Establishing that it wasn’t uncommon for many women like myself to have self doubt, despite the success I had achieved already.
  • To learn to pause, breathe and establish if I really ‘had’ to do everything.
  • To learn techniques that would help me to stop fears in their tracks, and learn to identify and manage some of the stress and anxiety that I faced on a daily basis that would eat me up.
  • And, to put a more realistic self ‘Purpose’ in place in which I aimed to achieve, rather than fear or dread.

Finally, it led me to making some bold decisions based on what I wanted for myself, rather than what I thought was the right thing to do. As a result, I now have a life that really works for me.”

CR, Marketing & Communications Manager, Conference and Events Centre